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  Are you an orthodox Anglican?

Are you are an orthodox Anglican who is concerned that your long-time Church is walking away from the historic understanding of Christian doctrine and practice and has abandoned the authority of God's Written Word? If so, you likely deeply value the beauty of Anglican liturgy and tradition and are saddened by the prospect of seeking Christian fellowship outside the Anglican tradition. Since mid-2016, ANiC has been contacted by a number of people just like you. Partially in response, in early October 2016, Bishop Charlie Masters, ANiC's diocesan bishop, wrote an open letter to all orthodox Canadian Anglicans who are disheartened, some of whom are considering ANiC.

We know exactly what you're going through
Nine years ago, many of us in ANiC were confronted by the difficult decision of moving out of our long-time parish homes, convinced that our Church was abandoning historic Christian teaching and practice, and was rebelling against the authority of God's Word. So, we know the anguish and the internal turmoil many of our fellow Canadian Anglicans are now experiencing.

Is the Anglican Network in Canada right for you?
For those considering a move to the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), we've assembled links to helpful resource below. If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you want to talk confidentially about next steps, or if you simply want to pray with someone who'll understand, please contact Jessica in the ANiC office at 1-866-351-2642.

If after checking us out, you believe ANiC might be a good fit for you, give us a call or drop us an email. Even if there isn't currently an ANiC congregation in your area, there might be one forming or perhaps you might be interested in being part of a team planting a new congregation.

In early October 2016, Bishop Charlie Masters wrote to ACoC clergy who were

Anglican clergy who wish to confidentially get more information and sage counsel from someone who recently stood in your shoes should contact the ANiC office ( or 1-866-351-2642. Jessica will connect you to someone who will be able to advise you.

In addition to the information links below, clergy-specific information is posted here.

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