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Welcome Scott Hunt ...
ANiC is pleased to welcome Scott Hunt as our Communications Director.
Find out more

Welcome Pender Harbour, BC ...
ANiC is pleased to welcome Christ the Redeemer, an established congregation in Pender Harbour on BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast. See contact information here.

Sault Ste Marie church forming ...
We are welcoming the Rev Fr John Swain and a forming church – known as The Gate – in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario! If you know anyone in the area who might be interested, please put them in touch with Fr Swain. See contact information here.

Anglican 4th Day movement growing ...
Anglican 4th Day (A4D), our Province's and our Diocese's version of the well-known Cursillo movement, is established in the Fraser Valley area of BC, with interest growing in Newfoundland. A4D seeks to bring people to Christ, helps Christians grow in discipleship and offers warm fellowship. If you have been through Cursillo or A4D and would like to reengage - or if you are interested in starting an A4D society in your area – email the Rev Rich Roberts or call him at 778-549-4953.

For those in BC, fall weekend events have been set for both women and men – both at Camp Saturna, Maple Falls in WA. The women's A4D weekend is September 21-24, while the men's is September 28 - October 1. Participation in these weekends requires "sponsorship" for candidates by an A4D member – which can be arranged. On the weekend, you can anticipate sound teaching, spiritual encouragement and renewal, and good fellowship with members of other ANiC parishes as well as members of our sister Cascadia Diocese across the border.

Grants available for ministries to the poor and marginalized ...
ACNA's Matthew 25 Initiative is intended to help churches reach the poor and marginalized in their communities. Learn more about this fund and how your church-based ministry can apply for a grant here.

Welcomes and good-byes ...
We warmly welcome to ANiC the Rev Lloyd Lee, his wife Miriam and son Joey. Lloyd+, who was serving in the Church of England at Christ Church Pennington, is rector of Immanuel Vancouver – effective April 1.
Archdeacon Emeritus Bruce Chamberlayne has stepped down as Archdeacon for the BC Interior and Alberta and, joining Archdeacon Emeritus Desiree Stedman and Dean Emeritus Archie Pell. The "emeritus" designation is bestowed by the House of Bishops to honour those who have stepped down from their functions because of retirement. Bishop Charlie says, "We are extremely thankful for the wonderful ministry each offered ANiC and want to express, in this small way, our deep gratitude and continue to honour them by adding this title 'emeritus'."

The House of Bishop is delighted to announce that the Venerable Terry Lamb, rector of Resurrection (Kelowna, BC), has been appointed to take over as Archdeacon for the BC Interior and Alberta, effective April 1. We extend our very best wishes to Archdeacon Terry.

St Peter's Fireside, sadly, is losing its associate pastor, the Rev Roger Revell, who, with his wife Cindy, will be relocated to the UK in September where Roger will begin a PhD in Christian doctrine. Roger hopes to also serve in a part-time capacity in the Church of England, ideally supporting some rural parishes. 

Church building network forming – Should you be involved? ...
Many ANiC congregations are itching to have their own building. Our House of Bishop has asked Bishop Trevor Walters to give leadership to a network of leaders in these churches. This group is intended to offer mutual encouragement and facilitate the sharing of information, resources, best practices and expertise. Initially the network will meet monthly by conference call and then in person at Synod 2017.

Who should get involved?
Those heading the building committee in their congregation;
Leaders of churches in dire need of a church building in the near future;
Those who have experience and can share what they have learnt – especially those who led congregations that, in the past decade, bought, refurbished, renovated or erected a church building; and
Those who have expertise in finance, fundraising, construction, and real estate development, who can offer wise counsel.

If you have something to contribute or are in need of advice, please register for the Church Building Network by emailing Jessica in the ANiC office or calling her at 1-866-351-2642 ext 4015.

Synod is on the move! ...
Synod 2017 will be hosted by St George's, Burlington, ON. Originally, we'd planned to hold Synod at St Peter & St Paul's Ottawa. But God has made it possible for St Peter & St Paul's to move forward with their long-anticipated building renovation plans. The renovation schedule meant we needed to find a new location for synod. After considering other options in the Ottawa area, we gratefully accepted the gracious offer from St George's Burlington to host this year's synod.

In originally focusing on Ottawa, we were looking at the symbolism of being in the nation's capital to mark Canada's 150th anniversary. But God in His infinite wisdom has led us to believe there are other reasons why it would be significant for us to be in St Georges, Burlington.

The St George's building is the first to be constructed from the ground up during the decade since our diocese was formed. How symbolic is that!? As we look to God to build ANiC, St George's serves as both an encouragement and a concrete example of God's goodness and leading. More than that, it was in Burlington in November 2007 that ANiC became an ecclesial body and thus launched what is now the Diocese of the Anglican Network in Canada.

We – and the people of St George's – look forward to welcoming you to Burlington October 25-27 for our 10th Synod, with Clergy Day on October 24. Please mark your calendars now!

More information will be coming very soon. To help your church plan, we have posted information on costs to the ANiC website.

Ministry Growth Partners ...
God has been very good to ANiC. We are gradually getting on a firmer financial footing. But there is a long way to go. Recently our diocese launchedMinistry Growth Partners. We are excited about this approach and we'd love to have you join our team. If you would like to get behind our ministry growth initiatives, please learn more here. You may also want to check out our 2016-17 budget.

ANiC's Asian and Multicultural Ministries (AMMiC) featured at ACNA Assembly...
Bishop Stephen Leung and AMMiC have been invited to host a sub-conference program during the ACNA Assembly, June 27-30. Together with his team, Bishop Stephen is responsible for four workshops:
Christ and culture – featuring speaker Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, respondents the Rev Canon William Beasley (Greenhouse) and Bishop Stephen Leung
Raising the next generation leaders and children's ministry
Hospitality and welcoming immigrants to a spiritual home
The gospel and environmental protection – in response to Japan's experience

We'd love to see a number of ANiC members at this once-every-three-years Assembly. This is the closest it has ever been to Canada. And the Wheaton College campus where the Assembly is to be held is both iconic and historic for North American Christians.

Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada report ...
Thanks to a significant donation from a foundation and other's generosity, the ARDFC's fund to purchase a van for the growing church plants in Cuba has now reached $10,000 in hand and another $10,000 pledged. Our goal is $60,000. You can participate online here.

With the alarming news of famine in South Sudan and elsewhere in Africa, ARDFC has sent $2000 from its general fund to provide immediate relief. ARDF (US) also sent $8000 to help purchase emergency food in the Diocese of Wau, South Sudan. There is a saying in Africa: "When two elephants fight, the grass gets hurt". Civil war in South Sudan has not only created a huge refugee crisis, but also a man-made famine. You can learn more about the famine in South Sudan and how the Diocese of Wau is responding here.

The ACNA is suggesting we fast and pray one day each week during Lent to remember our brothers and sisters who are starving in South Sudan. Please watch for an emergency appeal from ARDFC– coming soon – that will allow us to participate in sending famine relief.

Wounded Healers extends God's healing to growing numbers ...
Archdeacon Ron & Deirdre Corcoran held their second, highly successful Wounded Healers conference last month. Bishop Trevor Walters reports on the conference which drew 100 people: "Last weekend I attended the second Wounded Healers Conference… We did not see a single person leave without at some stage in the weekend come to a prayer team for ministry. Ron's testimony, told in frank humorous dialogue format kept us riveted. The great "why" question that Ron wrestled with for years has finally given way to the "what" question, "what" can God do through his abuse and suffering? What God did this last weekend was remarkable..."

Another Victoria-area pastor writes, "It has now been a couple of weeks since this event and, on a nearly daily basis, I continue to hear accounts of people who experienced significant emotional, mental, and spiritual healing during the days of the conference… Our local church congregation is continuing to experience the impact of this conference, and our leadership is considering hosting a Wounded Healers conference on an annual basis."

If you have wounded people in your congregation, who need to be set free from bondage inflicted through emotional, physical, verbal, spiritual, and sexual abuse, and if your congregation would like to be trained to minister effective and lasting inner healing to wounded people, connect with Archdeacon Ron to discuss possibilities.

Funding for ministries of mercy ...
ACNA's Matthew 25 Initiative – which helps churches reach the poor and needy in their communities – is accepting another round of applications for funding. So if your church-based ministry qualified, do apply! Grants of between $3000 and $25,000 (US) are offered.

Pray tell ...
Do you have a heart for prayer? Are you longing to see God send revival to your church? Did you know that ANiC's Canon for Prayer Support, the Rev Garth Hunt, is looking for a parish prayer coordinator from each parish to join the growing team? If you are not aware of a prayer coordinator in your parish, and if God is speaking to you about this role, please talk to your rector. If together you agree this would be a good fit for you, please ask your rector to send your name and contact information to Garth+ via email.

Getting behind the training of our next generation of Biblically faithful leaders ...
At the GAFCon gatherings last week, Archbishop Peter Jensen told us that unbiblical teaching primarily entered the Church through the seminaries. First the seminaries gave way to heresy, then the "pulpit", and finally the "pew". Artizo is a program that was founded to equip and train young people gifted for ministry. In 10 years, the program has trained 66 interns – a number of whom are serving in ANiC churches. Artizo also offers supply preachers.

Dr J I Packer writes, "Maturity in Christ, and usefulness for Christ are the gains that the Artizo program offers to Christian young men and women. I am enthusiastic about this program. Already, I can see Artizo alumni standing out as leaders."
To continue its ministry, Artizo needs to broaden its financial support base – including both individuals and churches. Would you and our church consider including Artizo in your 2017 giving? If your church leadership would like to meet with an Artizo board member, please email either Joyce Lee or Eric Thurston.

Bishop Ron Ferris re-retires ...
On March 5 Bishop Ron Ferris stepped down as rector of the church he helped plant in Langley, BC – Church of the Ascension. This marks the second time he has retired. Speaking to the people of Ascension, Bishop Ron recounted the history of the church and the remarkable ways God had lead in the nine years since its founding. You can read his testimony to God's grace here.

Video of GAFCon gathering available online...
If you weren't able to be at one of the two GAFCon gatherings last week with Archbishops Peter Jensen (Sydney, Australia - retired) and Peter Akinola (Nigeria - retired) you can watch the informative and engaging session online. (Thanks to St George's Burlington for the video!)

Welcome St James Fellowship (Trenton, ON) ...
We are thrilled to welcome St James Fellowship in Trenton, Ontario! St James held its first worship service January 15 at which Bishop Charlie gave the Rev Steve Timpson his ANiC licence. The congregation has already secured excellent meeting facilities and already has a website:

Bishop Charlie Masters writes, "The small church was packed at St James Fellowship, Trenton. I heard there were well over 100 attending - many from the local ministerial and from Trenton Baptist who kindly hosted the service, six [visiting] ANiC clergy and twenty members of Living Waters ANiC church in Kingston, as well as a large core group forming St James Fellowship. There was much excitement and I believe it was a glorious first service. So praise the Lord!"

You can read about St James first service here. Beginning in February, St James anticipates moving to a 10am Sunday morning service time. They have been meeting at 5pm on Sundays, starting with a simple soup supper followed by a 6pm communion service.

Welcoming a new forming congregation in Oliver, BC ...
Last newsletter we mentioned that a group was forming in Oliver, BC. Well, it is now officially an ANiC project – the South Okanagan Project. If you know anyone in the area who might be interesting in joining this forming congregation, please have them email Archdeacon Bruce Chamberlayne or call 250-860-9561. They meet Sundays at 10:30am at 1116 Fairview Rd, Oliver.

Toronto congregations combine strengths; ministry flourishes ...
On January 29, Bishop Charlie and Dean Emeritus Archie Pell (AMMiC) participated in a special service of thanksgiving at a tea shop in the heart of Toronto. The congregations of Christ The King (Toronto) and Christ the Redeemer (Multi-cultural) have been worshiping together at Crimson Teas for several months and soon the ministries melded together. The January 29th service celebrated this new reality with, among other things, the Rev John McIllmurray, formerly of Christ the Redeemer, receiving his license to serve with the Rev Keith Ganzer, rector of Christ The King.

Christ The King – which now enfolds the combined congregations – will continue to meet at Crimson Teas for their worship service, and, in fact, will soon move to two services each Sunday morning.

The owner of the tea shop, Phillip Chan, opened the business only one year ago, but when he did so, he had a vision that a group would use it on Sundays for worship. At the time, Christ the Redeemer (CTR) was meeting nearby and Christ The King (CTK) was eager to find a way to have a downtown presence near the University of Toronto. Keith+ says, "The Lord made all the right connections and the leaders of CTR and CTK decided to begin walking together. CTK continued its afternoon service in the north area of Toronto until Advent 2016 when we began worshipping all together in the morning at Crimson Teas. Steven Xu, the evangelist at CTR, has continued his ministry of outreach to internationals as an evangelist at CTK. It was truly a combining of the strengths of the two congregations, I think, for unified gospel mission in the downtown / U of T context."

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