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We in ANiC want to do a good job of caring for our clergy and their families. To that end we encourage our clergy and parishes to be guided by these principles:
That health and life and rightly ordered living is God's will for all of us.
That clergy have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to seek to live in a way which is healthy so that we can do the work that He has called us to over the long haul.
That parishes have a responsibility to care for their clergy

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We expect clergy to:

Walk with God every day. This means personal time with the Lord, daily offices and much intake of the Word, and time for leisurely prayer with the Lord.
Seek first things first and to keep things in their right order: God, then family (including yourself), then work responsibilities and others.
Take Sabbath rest and your day off every week, and also to be careful to take your holidays as a family.

Bishops and archdeacons have a responsibility to:
Teach, encourage, affirm, stand with and promote healthy living among clergy.
Help congregations support their clergy and love their clergy so that they can live healthy lives.
If we have concerns, provide clergy with honest feedback and, when required, resources and referrals.
Model healthy living ourselves.

Specific actions our leadership has undertaken to promote clergy care within ANiC:
Naming the Rev Canon Dr Brent Stiller as Clergy Support Canon.
Under Canon Stiller, a committee of archdeacons will develop expectations for parishes which will ensure clergy get their days off, Sabbath rest each week, and have a realistic plan for vacations and even study time. These expectations will be presented personally by each archdeacon to every congregation within their region.
Archdeacons will spend time – hopefully twice a year – with each active clergy member in their region to encourage, pray together, and discuss how to better pray for and care for our clergy. We also need to hold one another to account so that we can be as fruitful in ministry as possible.

Clergy will find more information, past communications and other resources on ANiC’s secure website. If you do not yet have access to this site, please contact:

Contact: The Rev Canon Dr Brent Stiller, Clergy Support Canon

Resources ...

Webinars, videos & presentations

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada webinar with Karen Stiller, Dr Wanda Malcom and others

Helping your clergy to function between Rust Out and Burn Out - Bishop Trevor Walters (Synod 2015)

EAS Syndrome: Healing Burnout in Adults Lacking Parental Affirmation, by Bishop Trevor Walters
(for information on ordering in quantity at a steep discount see these instructions)

Balance in Life
US statistics on clergy health
Guard against burnout
Pastoral Well-being
Clergy Care Network (Focus on the Family)

Equipping for ministry (courses)
Regent College Summer Programs

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