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  ANiC News 2008

Anglican Church in North America formed ...
Bishops, clergy and lay leaders from the United States and Canada unveiled a provisional constitution and the first set of canons for the new Anglican Church in North America at a news conference and worship service 3 December 2008 in Wheaton, Illinois (near Chicago).  Bishop Robert Duncan is the Archbishop Designate. This North American Church has all the characteristics and structures necessary to be recognized as a Province in the Anglican Communion, should the Primates choose to do so. See news release.

Common Cause Partnership Council meeting, Dec 2-3, 2008 ...
Leaders of the Common Cause Partnership, a federation of more than 100,000 Anglican Christians in North America, will release to the public on the evening of Dec. 3 the draft constitution of an emerging Anglican C­hurch in North America, formally subscribe to the Jerusalem Declaration of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and affirm the GAFCON Statement on the Global Anglican Future at an evening worship celebration in suburban Chicago. See news release.

ANiC passes motions at synod, Nov 13-15, 2008 ...
The Anglican Network in Canada synod passed a series of motions endorsing and affirming the Jerusalem Declaration, instructing the Board to pursue membership for ANiC in the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, and expressing gratitude to the GAFCon Primates and Archbishop Greg Venables and for the work of the Common Cause Partnership in creating a North American Province. See motions.

New parishes join ANiC ...
Four new parishes have aligned with ANiC recently. St Aidan's (Windsor, ON) voted unanimously on Sept 28, 2008, followed by St Peter's (Hamilton, ON) and St George's (Ottawa, ON) and, most recently, St Bede's (Kinosota, MB). For more information see news releases.

GAFCon Primates Council issues communiqué ...
The GAFCon Primates Council issued a succinct communiqué following their 20-22 August 2008 meeting, saying the operational structure necessary to sustain the GAFCon movement is taking shape, with a permanent secretariat established in Sydney, Australia.  They also write that “… that priority will be given to the possible formation of a province in North America for the Common Cause Partnership.” They also invite all who assent to the Jerusalem Declaration to join the movement via the GAFCON website.

Diocese of New Westminster attempts to seize control of ANiC parishes ...
On August 26, 2008, the Anglican diocese of New Westminster informed St. Matthew’s in Abbotsford and St Matthias and St Luke’s in Vancouver that the bishop had dismissed the parish Wardens and other officers (Trustees) that were duly elected by the congregation and appointed new Wardens who are more “loyal” to the bishop. See news release

Lambeth conference: Two Archbishops issue important statements ...
Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda issued an important statement to the Lambeth Conference, published in the London Times on August 1, 2008, commenting on the divisions in the Communion. Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul of Sudan issued a courageous statement clearly affirming historic Anglican doctrine and practice regarding human sexuality and calling on the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church of the US to repent and comply with Anglican doctrine, cease legal actions against churches, and respect the authority of the Bible.

Diocese of the Arctic synod supports ANiC ...
In a news release following their 2008 synod, held May 27 to June 3, 2008, in Iqaluit, the Diocese of the Arctic said in clear reference to ANiC churches, “There was strong support shown for those in the Southern Cone dioceses recognizing them as members of the Anglican Communion.” The release also said, “Synod expressed great disappointment as some diocesan synods have decided to move forward with approving the blessing of same sex civil marriages after General Synod 2007 making it clear that this would not be allowed until the Lambeth conference had time to discuss the issues this summer. This then indicates that Canadians are not serious about unity elements that hold the church together.” See Anglican Journal article.

Diocese declares full communion with ANiC ...
The Diocese of Athabasca (northern Alberta) passing several significant motions at its synod, 24-27 April 2008, declaring it is in full communion with ANiC and censuring dioceses that have taken ANiC parishes to court.

Vancouver-area clergy deny charges ...
Clergy in six Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) churches denied charges they have abandoned their ministry. In February 2008, Bishop Michael Ingham of the Diocese of New Westminster issued a “Notice of Presumption of Abandonment of the Exercise of the Ministry” to nine Anglican priests and two ordained deacons – including world renowned theologian, the Rev Dr J I Packer. See news release.

Bishop Don offers to negotiate with ACoC bishops to avoid litigation ...
On April 11, 2008, Bishop Don wrote the Anglican Church of Canada House of Bishops offering to open negotiations to resolve property issues rather than continue litigation. An Anglican Journal article reports that this offer was rejected. The Anglican Network in Canada responded with this news release expressing our disappointment.

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