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These resources are intended for use in the parish – and personally – to support parish ministry and encourage us in our discipleship journey. We hope to add new resources over time.

Stewardship video series 2 – Canon Paul Donison
Promo Video
Video 1 - A Cure for Anxiety Part 1
Video 2 - A Cure for Anxiety Part 2
Video 3 - A Desire to Tithe
Video 4 - The Difference Your Giving Makes

Stewardship video series 1 – Canon Paul Donison
Video 1: A Generous God (PDF script)
Video 2: Ownership and Stewardship (PDF script)
Video 3: Investment (PDF script)
Video 4: Adventures in Kingdom Giving (PDF script)
Video 5: Tithing (PDF script)

Gospel Patrons videos – A series of short, personal vignettes featuring business people and professionals

Sermons & Talks
Bishop John Guernsey's message to ANiC Synod 2011: Principles and Practice of Biblical Stewardship
The Ven Ron Corcoron's  Bible teaching at ANiC Synod 2012 on Matthew 6: 
   "For Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be Also" 


Gospel Patrons: People whose generosity changed the world

Gospel Patrons

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