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  Bold Witnesses

Bold WitnessesJ I Packer writes, “There is only one method of evangelism: namely, the faithful explanation and application of the gospel message.” So, our role is to ‘witness’, to proclaim the gospel with clarity and thoughtfulness. You may have heard people say ‘St. Francis of Assisi said - Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary’. But there is no evidence that St Francis ever said this. More importantly, it’s just not biblical. To be a witness is to be a ‘spoken’ witness.

Bishop Charlie Masters, our diocesan bishop, has written ANiC clergy saying, “My prayer is that, during my term as diocesan, 100% of ANiC parishioners will be able to confidently and winsomely share their testimony and clearly communicate the heart of the Gospel.”

Are you (and your fellow parishioners) equipped and ready to share your testimony of how you received the Lord Jesus into your life?
Are you able to share the Gospel in a clear and winsome way and invite people to respond?
What are you and your church doing to become trained and equipped to be bold witnesses?

Priority leadership
The Rev Ray David Glenn leads the team that is driving this priority.
The priority team includes the Rev Aaron Roberts, the Rev Robin Guinness and Isabella Shen.

Email Ray David+ and the team

Watch the Bold Witnesses workshop from Synod 2015

Over time, we intend to add to the resources available to ANiC parishes and members as you seek to be bold witnesses of the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Study 1 – Handling Objections to Belief in Christ
Part 1– Introduction
Part 2 – Suffering & Judgment
Part 3 – Exclusive Claims of Christianity
Part 4 – Issues with the Church & the Bible

Study 2 – An Open Door: Declaring Christ in an Age of Darkness
Part 1 – Study Overview
Part 2 – The What & Why of Evangelism
Part 3 – Partnership: God’s Part & Ours
Part 4 – Integrity (In Lifestyle & Speech)
Part 5 – Telling God’s Story: The Gospel Message
Part 6 – Telling Your Story: Personal Testimony
Part 7– Asking Questions & Inviting Response

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