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catechismWith the much-anticipated release of the Anglican Church in North America’s new catechism, To Be a Christian, ANiC has formed the Canadian Council for Catechesis. You can learn more about the vision and guiding principles of the Canadian Council for Catechesis here.

This committee – comprised of a team of ANiC clergy and lay members – is focused on encouraging and equipping ANiC in the work of catechesis.

The committee plans to:
1. Prepare resources for catechesis of all ages – children, youth and adult –
    as well as family-based catechesis.
2. Create and offer workshops to train catechists in the principles of sound
    catechesis, general catechetical skills, and the use of specific resources.
3. Build networks of people who are committed to catechesis for the purpose of encouragement and support.
4. Promote catechesis within ANiC.
5. Work towards an order of lay catechists within ANiC.

Catechesis resources
A 15-week, basic catechism course is being piloted in several parishes, and will be amended and refined. When available for wider use – hopefully in the Spring of 2016 – the course will be adaptable to use in a range of situations including as a confirmation course, preparation for adult baptism, as initial discipleship training for those new to the faith, as preparation for parents wishing baptism for their children and more.

In addition, there are plans to assemble catechetical resources for parents to use in the home.

Training of catechists
Three types of trained catechists are needed: those teaching children, those working with youth, and those ministering to adults. The goal is to develop training for all three. Some training has been offered already for children’s catechists. Once the 15-week, basic catechism course is ready for release (April 2016), training on how to lead this course will be offered.

ACNA Catechism: To Be a Christian
The ACNA-developed catechism, called To Be a Christian, was released in draft form
in 2014. It is available as a free download on the ACNA website. Or you can
purchase a nice leather-bound copy here.

If you wish to submit comments to the ACNA Catechism Task Force, you’ll find
information on how to do so here.

Canadian Council for Catechesis members & contact information:
Bronwyn Short, Chair
Ben Roberts+, Acting chair and Confirmation
Kimberley Graham, Family Catechesis
Penny Love, Children’s Catechesis
David McElrea+, Adult Catechesis
Bethany Murphy, Lay Catechist

Council email:

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