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ACNA Eucharistic and Daily Office Lectionaries

The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has released both a 3-year Eucharistic Lectionary and a Daily Office Lectionary, which may be found on the ACNA website

While these are still "working texts" they are recommended for use by every congregation as we work toward the release of a new Book of Common Prayer in 2019. The ACNA Liturgical Task Force invites your feedback. Responses can be sent via email to:

To help our parishes in using the ACNA Lectionary in the 2016-2017 Church year, Canon Tom Carman has prepared a combined Calendar/Lectionary for this coming church year.  It provides the day of the church year, readings and liturgical colour for any given Sunday and the Major Holy Days. It can be downloaded as a Word document or a pdf file. Also a Liturgical Calendar file for Year A (2016-17) is available here.

The following lectionaries remain approved for use:

The 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer Lectionary.  
An online link to the daily readings may be found here.

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)
A generic RCL can be found here

The Church of England's 'Common Worship' (CW) Lectionary
This is a variation of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). It maintains some Anglican distinctives around the church year but, for the most part, follows the RCL.  An easy to use on-line version with links to the readings can be found here. Please note, you must choose the relevant year (year in which Advent 1 falls) and scripture version at the top of the page (e.g. choose 2016 for the coming church year of 2016-2017).

The Church of England website has links to lectionary apps for iPhone/iPad or Android. You can find links here:

This site allows you to create a file that you can import into the calendar program on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also view the listings on a webpage by choosing the HTML option

If you prefer a print/book edition of the CoE Common Worship Lectionary, you can buy a large print edition (with free shipping) or a smaller print edition.

The least expensive option – which includes much of the above – is The Lectionary (Common Worship and BCP-UK) by SPCK available here.

If you choose to use the CW Lectionary or the RCL you'll find that there are two tracks to follow for the Old Testament readings during 'Ordinary Time'. One is a Semi-continuous reading of the book, the other is called Related/Complementary which attempts to tie the Old Testament reading with the Gospel reading.

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