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  Important videos for the ANiC Movement

> ANiC conferences and synods

The Israel Video Project
Bishop Charlie has commissioned the Rev Jess Cantelon to prepare a series of 10 short 5-minute videos opening up Scripture with insights gleaned from the land, language, history and religion of Israel.

Stewardship video series – with Canon Paul Donison

To encourage us all in this area, ANiC has launched a stewardship video series in Fall 2015. Bishop Charlie Masters has asked all ANiC congregations to use this series of short videos at an appropriate time in services. These engaging videos are intended to help members understand Christian stewardship and grow as Christ-followers through the discipline – and joy – of giving, especially in their regular tithing to the local church.

Bishop Charlie's Christmas 2013 video message
Bishop Charlie's 8-minute video is on YouTube. It is based on Matthew's account of Son of God's coming into the world as a helpless infant in Matthew 1.

Surprising Merrily - Explaining Anglicanism
The ACNA has professionally produced, a 45-minute, “…delightful one-act play… [that] answers the question “What is Anglicanism?” Available as a script and as a DVD, Surprising Merrily is getting excellent reviews. More information is available on the ACNA website.
The DVD is suitable for viewing at home or by entire Church congregations. ACNA congregations may request a free copy of the DVD. To request your free copy, send an email to For those congregations which might be interested in staging the one-act play themselves, it is available in print (hardcover) on Amazon.

A series of video segments on Biblical Stewardship
The Rev Paul Donison presents Biblical teaching on Christian tithing and giving in a series of short entertaining videos. Scripts for these videos are also available. See all the videos here or select a specific video and/or script below:

Episode 1: A Generous God (PDF script)
Episode 2: Ownership and Stewardship (PDF script)
Episode 3: Investment (PDF script)
Episode 4: Adventures in Kingdom Giving (PDF script)
Episode 5: Tithing (PDF script)

View a regularly updated orthodox Anglican Perspective produced by the American Anglican Council and featuring Canon Phil Ashey. You can see these very short, challenging videos here.

Anglican Relief and Development Fund (released September 2010)
The Anglican Church in North America’s global aid arm (ARDF) has released a short video introducing its work. ARDF is the US-based counterpart of the Canadian-based ARDF-Canada (or ARDFC). See the video here.

Inaugural Synod of the Anglican Network in Canada, First Things First, 13-15 November 2008. See the video here. See more information here.

Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCon), June 2008
Videos of all major sessions here.
Canadian participants reflect on their experiences. See the videos here.

Compelled by Christ's Love ANiC national conference, 25-26 April 2008
See the video of all conference sessions here.

Anglican Crossroads, a St John’s Vancouver video, featuring the Rev David Short and the Rev Dr J I Packer, explaining the Anglican Crisis. See it in 10 minute segments.

Kendall Harmon’s summary of the crisis in Anglicanism. ... more
(Third item “The Iceberg”)

The story of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Canada’s largest Chinese Anglican congregation. See video here.

The Michael Coren show, 31 July 2008 – Anglicans in Niagara debate the issues dividing the Communion. See the video here.

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