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  The Anglican Agenda (Ginger Group) series
The Anglican Agenda series of 21 publications, edited by Dr. J.I. Packer and written by theologians of the Ginger Group, opens up current questions that call for thought, discussion, prayer and decision particularly among the Anglicans at this time.

Each short book covers a different, important topic making the series perfect for study by an adult small group. If the group studied one book each week, the series could be completed in about 4 months.

It is hoped that the series will spark deep personal reflection and group discussion, so that we all may be better prepared for the difficult and demanding era into which our Church – and culture – has entered.

Accessing the books
You can download the pdfs from the list below.

Ginger Group books
Taking Faith Seriously, by J I Packer
Taking Love Seriously, by Dawn McDonald and James Wagner
Taking the Anglican Communion Seriously, by Terry Buckle and Archie Pell
Taking our Future Seriously, by Paul Woehrle and Peter Klenner
Taking Evangelism Seriously, by David Edwards
Taking Repentance Seriously, by J I Packer
Taking Christian Unity Seriously, by J I Packer
Taking The Bible Seriously, by Lloyd Arnett
Taking The Church's Year Seriously, by Norah Johnston
Taking Doctrine Seriously, by J I Packer
Taking Discipleship Seriously, by Timothy Ernst
Taking the Trinity Seriously, by Lloyd Arnett
Taking the Holy Spirit Seriously, by J I Packer
Taking Worship Seriously, Dr Archie Pell
Taking Christian Disciplines Seriously, by Peter Klenner
Taking Prayer Seriously, by Mike Stewart
Taking Fellowship Seriously, by Jim Salladin
Taking Church Seriously, by J I Packer
Taking Holy Communion Seriously, Brett Cane
Taking Marriage Seriously, Archie Pell
Taking Baptism Seriously, J I Packer


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