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  ANiC News & Events 2007

Bishop Don presided, and Bishop Malcolm preached, at the first Network ordinations ...
under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Greg Venables and the Southern Cone. On Advent Sunday, December 2, 2007, Dr Ken Deeks and Gary Stobbs were ordained Deacons of Christ, ministering in the Church of God. The Rev Deeks and the Rev Stobbs will minister under the direction of the Rev Dr Archie Pell of the Church of the Resurrection in Hope, the first rector and parish to come under the jurisdiction of Bishop Don and Archbishop Venables. The service took place in a Pentecostal Assemblies building in Abbotsford. None of the clergy participating in the ordination were under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Church of Canada. See photos…, See video…

ANiC responded to the ACC’s letter ...
Archbishop Gregory Venables and Bishop Don Harvey responded to the ACC’s letter to be read in Anglican churches nationwide on 2 December 2007, with a letter saying Archbishop Venables actions were:
very necessary due to the ACC’s innovations and disregard of historic Anglican and Christian doctrine,
broadly supported across the Communion since the ACC is widely perceived to be walking apart, and
most welcome by faithful Anglicans needing biblically faithful episcopal oversight.

Common Cause Council of Bishops takes strides towards creating an orthodox North American Anglican province ...
51 bishops and bishops-elect representing the ten founding partners in Common Cause - including Anglican Network in Canada and Anglican Essentials Canada - and tens-of-thousands of orthodox, biblically-faithful Anglicans in the US and Canada met September 25-28, 2007, in Pittsburgh. At the conclusion of the sessions, the group issued a statement which outlined the significant steps taken toward an emerging Anglican union, a 15-month timetable outlining key organizational steps intended to create a "separate ecclesiastical structure" in North America called for by the Primates of the Global South at Kigali in September 2006.

AEC and ANiC joint statement ...
The Anglican Essentials Federation and Anglican Network in Canada issued a joint statement of mutual support.

TEC House of Bishop responds to Primates, September 25, 2007 ...
The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops concluded their week-long meeting in New Orleans, 25 September 2007, with a response to the requests made by the Primates of the Communion in the Dar es Salaam communiqué last February. The Primates had given the TEC until September 30th to respond. While the Primates requests were clear and specific, the TEC’s response was equivocal and duplicitous.
See the TEC’s response
See the joint statement from the Common Cause bishops meeting in Pittsburgh immediately following the TEC meeting.
See Archbishop Akinola’s reaction
See the Anglican Journal’s take in an article titled “US bishops echo General Convention in message to Anglican Communion”.
See the New York Times report in article titled “Episcopal Bishops Reject Anglican Church’s Orders”.

Archbishop addresses the TEC House of Bishops ...
Addressing the Episcopal Church House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans September 21, 2007, Archbishop Mouneer Anis (Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East) delivered a clear, powerful and pointed address. He called on those gathered to respond clearly to the Primates requests in the Dar es Salaam communiqué and told them that he and many others “…feel that you have already walked apart at least theologically from the standard teaching of the Communion.”

New North American bishops consecrated ...
Global South Churches have consecrated three new bishops for North America - Bishops Bill Atwood, Bill Murdoch and John Guernsey. These consecrations were attended by a large number of Primates - evidence of a new coordinated approach by orthodox Primates to caring for biblically-faithful Anglicans in North America. The Anglican Network in Canada sees these consecrations as important steps in the ongoing realignment of global Anglicanism.

Archbishop Peter Akinola, primate of the largest province in the Anglican Communion, issues important statement on the crisis in the Communion ...
Archbishop Akinola’s thesis is that this has been a long, debilitating, but seemingly futile journey which is coming to an end. One last time, he calls on those who have torn the fabric of communion – the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) and the Episcopal Church – to repent, reverse current unscriptural policies, and once again embrace historic, biblical faith. This is well worth a careful reading. Read his full statement.

Global South Primates make statement responding to Anglican Church of
Canada’s General Synod
The Global South has issued a statement which contains the first reaction from Communion Primates to decisions made by the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) at its recent General Synod. The statement notes the Primates:
are “dismayed” by the ACC’s decision “that same-sex blessing is not core doctrine”
recognize that the decision not to proceed further with authorizing same sex blessing is only “temporary restraint”
are aware that ACC bishops continue to defy the recommendations of the Windsor process
are exploring possibilities for providing pastoral care for faithful Canadian Anglicans wishing to remain in Communion

Network and Federation announce changes in leadership ...
July 15, 2007 – The Rev. Canon Charlie Masters is now National Director of Anglican Network in Canada while Bishop Donald Harvey takes over the chair of the Network. The Rev Jennifer Wickham becomes acting chair of Anglican Essentials Federation. ... more

See the new leadership team structure

Anglican Church of Canada General Synod, June 19-25 2007, Winnipeg ...
Network has issued a statement responding to the decisions made by General Synod.

Anglican Essentials, Network and Federation worked together at General Synod, providing members with a live blog, daily reports and photos. We also supported like-minded delegates with briefings on motions, offered all delegates a pre-Synod gathering, prayer support, communications and an Anglican Essentials display.

Many documents were also prepared related to the motions before General Synod, particularly the discussion of same sex blessings: A number of good papers were written in response to a pro-same sex blessing paper sent earlier to Synod delegates including
Dr Robert Gagnon’s
well-crafted paper. Also, Mark Larratt-Smith has written an excellent article on the issue of same sex blessings

Delegates were sent several carefully considered letters to inform their decisions at General Synod:
From a large group of theologians
From clergy in the Diocese of BC to the Metropolitan, bishops and General Synod delegates from that Diocese
From Zacchaeus Fellowship

And a number of appeals went to ACC bishops:
From the Rt. Rev. Donald Harvey, the Rev. Dr. J.I. Packer and the Rev. David Short responding to the House of Bishops' May 1st statement to members of the Anglican Church of Canada's General Synod
From Zacchaeus Fellowship also responding to the same statement from the bishops
From Anglican Essentials Canada co-chairs, the Rev Canon John Paul Westin and the Rev George Sinclair, concerning the motions prepared by the Council of General Synod.
From a group of 25 academic theologians.

Anglican Agenda Series ...
In May, the Ginger Group released three new booklets in the Anglican Agenda series: Taking the Church Year Seriously, Taking the Bible Seriously and Taking Church Unity Seriously.

Global Primates meet in Tanzania ...
The Global Primates met in Tanzania, February 14-19, 2007, proceeded by meetings of the Global South Primates. These were pivotal sessions for the Anglican Communion as critical issues were discussed.

Following their meetings in Dar es Salaam, the Primates of the Anglican Communion issued a Communiqué (February 19, 2007) in which they further clarified expectations of Provinces (such as Canada and the US) that wish to remain in the global Communion. The Anglican Network in Canada has issued a response expressing both gratitude and encouragement.

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